“We see the future of personal mobility as connected, seamless, and autonomous,” GM president Dan Ammann Upon said when GM announced its $500 million investment in Lyft. “With GM and Lyft working together, we believe we can successfully implement this vision more rapidly.”Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has made clear that his company plans to replace drivers with autonomous technology, and has set up shop at Carnegie Mellon University’s—some would say gutted—autonomous car program to develop self-driving taxis. In the conference call on Monday, GM’s Julia Steyn, head of urban mobility for the company, said that programs like Express Drive are an important building block to providing autonomous cars for Lyft.

So now it looks like the battle will shift to GM and Lyft vs. Uber. At least until Google and Apple join the robo-taxi race.

Orginally published by PCMag.com